Wednesday, October 17, 2007

3CX and Portland Europe Partner to Enter Benelux IP Telephony Market

Telephone communication happens smoothly, more efficiently and less expensively with 3CX Telephone System for Windows. 3CX Phone System replaces traditional proprietary telephone systems and implements a software-based PBX that supports the open SIP standard, PSTN phones lines and popular VOIP providers. Furthermore, purchase and maintenance of the system is less costly than a proprietary or Linux-based telephone system.

Step-by-step installation dialogs ensure quick installation and easy maintenance. The 3CX Telephone System elmininates telephone cabling because it uses the existing computer network.

3CX Telephone System main features:

  • Complete telephone system, including call transfer, inbound routing and call queues
  • Much less expensive then a proprietary or Linux-based PBX
  • Scalable to any number of extensions or lines centrale telefoniczne – without the need for expensive system modules
  • Adds and Moves of extensions are much easier – no need for patching network points
  • Web-based configuration and status monitor
  • Receive voice mails by email (Unified Messaging)
  • Vendor independent – use popular Voip phones from different vendors
3CX maintains a full fledged VOIP and SIP FAQ including facts about SIP trunking, SIP servers, VOIP and SIP phones, VOIP Gateways, and it is present in several languages for telefony voip, such as VOIP in Finnish, a VOIP and SIP FAQ in Dutch, in Hungarian and in Romanian.

Read more about this partnership here.

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