Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secure Your Mobile Devices with 3CX Mobile Device Manager

As mobile phones are here to stay, it's important to protect your privacy when using them just as you should with your desktop computer.

Unfortunately, many people overlook mobile phone security but this can be dangerous. Thanks to this lack of security awareness, many hackers can take advantage, making many people victims of. It can take countless hours to undo the harm that can be done to your reputation and finances, and sometimes a full recovery is impossible. It's crucial, then, to have security policies in place such as a strong password, in order to protect your company's sensitive data.

You don’t just have to worry about the threat from hackers and malware on your mobile devices. It's also possible that an employee may lose a phone, or have it stolen. 3CX Mobile Device Manager offers real time mobile tracking in order to find a lost mobile as well as to see what routes it has taken.

You can remote lock your device in order to protect the data on it, and as a last resort you can even remotely wipe all data from a mobile device and any attached storage cards. This feature means that you can rest assured that no identity theft can occur and no sensitive corporate data gets exposed.

By taking care of smartphone and tablet security with mobile device management, you will save a lot of hassle, pain and embarrassment. For more information on keeping a secure mobile device, visit http://www.mobiledevicemanager.com